Frequently Asked Questions

You can find Frequently Asked Questions and Answers below


Why Ahtapot?


With Ahtapot Chat, you can make video calls with your team or friends anywhere and at any time.

Completely free of charge and you don't pay a fee at any stage.

We use the most advanced technology, so you can make a call with the best video quality.

You can make real-time and high quality presentations with high-resolution screen sharing.

Since it's easy to use, you can create a meeting or participate in a meeting with just a few clicks.

What are the features of Ahtapot?

It works with cloud computing infrastructure through servers located all over the world.

It is safer with distributed network architecture.

End-to-end encryption ensures the security of meetings and records.

It uses open source libraries and databases.

Desktop and mobile client applications are available.

For what purpose can I use Ahtapot?

You can use it whenever you need to communicate remotely or make online meetings.

It is suitable for online corporate meetings, remote treatment, online courses and insurance applications.

In which platforms can I use Ahtapot?

You can use Ahtapot on all platforms including Android,IOS, Windows,MacOS and Linux.

Should I install Ahtapot before use?

Yes, you need to install it.

Should I login to Ahtapot in order to use?

As a guest user you can try the platform, but you need to login it to take advantage of all its features.

Is ahtapot free of charge?

Ahtapot presents online video conference service with high quality due to its evolving technology and
serves it completely free.

In other words, there will be no charge for basic features within the application, such as credit card information or transfer/eft request.

Security ve Privacy

Is Ahtapot secure?

Ahtapot is developed with open source software and does not contain any cracks.

Therefore, the likelihood of user information and conversations being compromised is very low compared to traditional software.

The demands of the institutions for security are greatly met with the option of hosting servers at domestic lines and on-premise if desired.

In addition, TLS+SRTP+SCTP protocols are used for signalling and data transfer in accordance with the most powerful encryption standards proposed by WebRTC within the application.

Where are your servers located?

Our servers are located all over the world but centered in Turkey.

Can other people access our meeting records through your servers?

Ahtapot servers do not store audio or video recordings in any of meetings.

In addition, the user is given the option to set a password for the meetings he/she will organize.

In this way, private meetings can be made through Ahtapot.

Quality and Productivity

Will my meetings get interrupted while using Ahtapot?

Because the distributed communication architecture is used on Ahtapot servers, the crashing probability of the servers (SPOF, etc.) and the resulting interruption of the meeting is minimized

However, in connection with the speed at which the user sends data over the Internet, there may be situations such as impairing the quality of the conversation.

Can Ahtapot servers meet increased meeting demand?

In order to provide maximum use of existing resources, the servers are scaled depending on the use of the application.

More video servers will be up when there are more meeting requests.

Corporate Services

Can Ahtapot work with on-promise servers?

At the request of institutions, Ahtapot can be run on physical or cloud servers belonging to institutions.

Can Ahtapot be integrated with programs that work within institutions?

Ahtapot has the ability to interact with the applications used within the institutions.

As a result of the work to be done for integration with these applications, data transfer will be possible between Ahtapot and the related applications.

Can institutions using Ahtapot store their files on their servers?

Features such as keeping the files shared within the servers of the institutions and archiving these files are offered as a service.

Institutions can also store their files on Ahtapot-owned cloud servers.

Does Ahtapot work in line with calendar apps such as Outlook, Google Calendar?

With Ahtapot, institutions can plan future meetings and organize participants in accordance with their own working calendars.

Before this planned organization, participants can be notified via e-mail or through Ahtapot in the form of notifications.

Can organizations use their own encryption keys with Ahtapot?

With Ahtapot, institutions can use their own keys to make meetings more secure.